• Coco foam

Product Name: Coco foam

CocoFoam, a pure soap, is the potassium salt of the fatty acids from whole coconut oil. Made from renewable resources, and preservative free, an excellent choice for natural formulations. A good subbstitute for Cocomidopropyl Betaine and a wonderful choice for hand soaps because it is derived from the whole oil and it contains the natural glycerine. This product is a PUREGREENproduct with the highest green rating that a product can receive. CocoFoam is easy to work with just dilute, as required, with water. Like all soaps this will create the squeeky clean feel on the skin. We have found that it combines very nicely with our Polyglucose Lactylate Blend. Even small amounts it offers a smooth, conditioned, feel on the skin.

Applications: High-lathering soaps, Cost-effective cleansers, Natural formulations; Benefits: Excellent flash foam, Low odor, Naturally derived, Fully Biodegradable; Uses: Shampoos, Skin Cleansers, Bar soaps, Liquid hand soaps
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