• Amber White Absolute Oil

Product Name: Amber White Absolute Oil

Botanical Name: Pinus succinefera fossil

Botanical Name: Pinus Succinefera
Plant Part: Resin
Origin: Europe
Description: Amber is a fossilised tree resin that is renowned for its color and natural beauty.  It is a sticky but soft tree resin and is commonly used in the manufacturing of jewellery and ornamental objects.
Color: Yellow-orange brown.
Common Uses:  Amber Absolute Oil is helpful in relieving stress, anxiety, and depression.  In fact many aromatherapists use Amber Absolute Oil to provide relief to their patients for these issues.
In addition, Amber Absolute Oil has aphrodisiac properties.  It may be helpful in treating male impotence, erectile dysfunction, and lack of sexual desire (libido).
Finally, Amber Absolute Oil is an amazing base for aromatics such as perfumes, scented candles, incense sticks, room fresheners and soaps.
Consistency: Disperses in water and oil.  Slightly soluble in alcohol and ether.
Strength of Aroma: Medium
Blends well with:  Jojoba oil, Patchouli, and natural Vitamin E oil.
Aromatic Scent: Resinous, coniferous odour.

It is used in soap making, lotions, diffusers, massage oils, potpourri, air fresheners, scent, body fragrance, aromatherapy products, perfume oils, bath oils, spa's, towel scenting, incense, laundry, light rings, facial steams, hair treatments.
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