Angelica Root Essential Oil (India)

  • Angelica Root Essential Oil (India)

Product Name: Angelica Root Essential Oil (India)

Angelica Root Oil (India), Essential Oils Wholesale
Botanical Name:  Angelica archangelica
Country of Origin:  India
Extraction Process: Steam Distillation
Active Constituent(s): Bergapten, Limonene, Phellandrine, Pinene
Part of Plant: Root
Also Known As:  Garden Angelica Essential Oil, Wild Angelica Essential Oil. 
Appearance: Ranges from a from light yellow to orange-brown viscous liquid.
Oil Consistency: Medium
Perfumery Note: Base
Aroma: Medium to Strong
Aromatherapy:   The scent from this oil is sweet, peppery and earthy. This oil is 100% pure and natural essential oil; certified as per the processes of the ISO 9235 standard.
Essential Oil Recipes: Angelica Root Essential Oil (India) blends well with Cedar-wood, Frankincense, Myrhh and Sandalwood Essential Oils.

Angelica Essential Oil eases muscular aches, soothes arthritic joints and rheumatic pains. It also eases indigestion problems and flatulence, and improves poor appetite. Angelica is highly valued as a fragrance component in soaps, lotions and perfumes, es
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