Botanical Name: Pseudo Acacis

Acacia Flowers are typically small, yellow and fragrant with many stamens, giving the flower a fuzzy appearance. The Acacia flower heads are actually lots of little flowers bundled together. Acacia Flowers can vary in color from cream, pale yellow through to gold. One species, Acacia purpureapetala, has purple flowers whilst a form of Acacia leprosa has red flowers. Individual Acacia Flowers are arranged in inflorescences that may be either globular heads or cylindrical spikes. Each Acacia inflorescence may comprise from as few as 3 individual flowers (e.g. Acacia lunata) to as many as 130 or more (e.g., Acacia anceps).

The foliage color of Acacia ranges from light or dark green to blue or silver-grey. Acacias are characterised by their small, finely divided leaflets, which give the leafstalk a feathery or fernlike (i.e., pinnate) appearance. A large group of Acacias d
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