Company that started in 2003 by Dr. Singh in small town Abbotsford British Columbia is very proud to be providing the highest quality Essential oils, Absolutes oils, Vegetable oils (Carrier oils), herbal extracts, Herbal products, Homeopathic Products, Herbal Teas, Tinctures, Whole herbs, Herb powders, Raw material, Cosmetic bases, Spa supply and other nutritional ingredients. We deal extensively in Essential oils, Herbs, Herbal Products, Herbal Extracts, including raw materials, powders, oils, accessories, supplies, and Packaging material as well as other natural products. Ancient Chinese, Indian Ayurveda Medicine, Homeopathy science and Aromatherapy is wisdom and knowledge have been combined with modern day technologies by North American and Indian scientists and doctors to create formulas for every age, male or female to look younger, as well there are targeted products that will enhance and revitalize certain conditions and specific areas of the human body. These products are based on advance studies in food science, micronutrient supplementation, herbal science and aromatherapy. They have been formulated to improve your quality of life and to prepare you for a healthy future. Everyone can benefit from Abby Homeopathy & Herbal Clinic's products can help you manage your health and enhance your fitness level physically and mentally. There are nutritious health products for youth, as well as formulas that meet the needs of mature and senior adults. Turn to Abby Homeopathy & Herbal Clinic's wide range of targeted nutritional products for specific health concerns. Abby Homeopathy & Herbal Clinic Ltd. has all the bases and stages in life covered, by combining the best of natural healing herbs with advanced science. Abby Homeopathy & Herbal Clinic Ltd. is at the forefront of maximizing personal health.

Currently carries over 2000 different products to fill almost any requirement you have. is able to offer high volume discounts as well as fulfill the smallest of needs with no repacking fees. Our friendly and knowledgeable customer service  are always available to assist you.

At, our mission has always remained the same which is to supply the finest, purest, natural products at honest, competitive prices. Our dedication to customer service means that we aim to ensure that every time our customers deal with, it is a pleasant and memorable experience.

Today's industry is facing growth challenges, constant regulatory changes and quality issues changing consumer demands. The team of professionals combines research, manufacturing resources, production methods and quality assurance to accept these challenges and become your raw material supplier of the future.